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This Website is for Getting a Florida Hard Money Loan.

For a Hard Money Loan in Florida, contact Quick Action Mortgage Company.  We will help get you a Hard Money Loan from a Private Lender, featuring several No Credit Check Loan Scenarios.

Serving all of Monroe, Broward, Dade, Palm Beach, Martin & St. Lucie Counties, specializing in Miami.

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Hard Money Florida Loans Video

Our network of private investors throughout Florida
have millions of dollars to lend.

Your Florida Hard Money Loan is Based on the Equity in Your Property.

Our loan to value ratios are 50%-55% for Florida hard money loans.

Call us to find out more about hard money in Florida.

Credit Scores are Not an Issue

Bad credit scores are never an issue with us  for Florida hard money loans. Any residential property for investment purposes that you do not live at requires no income check or credit check.

Residential Corporate Purchases
Or Corporate Owned Properties:

Contact us about hard money in Florida.

Hard Money Florida - Hard Money Miami

  • No Income Verification is Needed
  • No Credit Check is Needed

All Commercial Loans:

  • No Income Verification Needed
  • No Credit Check Needed

Residential Investment Properties:

  • No Income Verification is Needed
  • No Credit Check is Needed

Homestead Purchases or Refinances:

  • Income Verification is Now Required by Government Law
If you are a broker who is having trouble securing a note, we may be able to help. Call today to discuss the terms of a Florida hard money loan.

Quick Action Mortgage, Inc. - (305) 232-7817 - Hard Money Lender -  Miami

Hard Money Lender - Miami Office -  License Information:

Florida Licensed Mortgage Brokerage Business:
MLD: #193 – NMLS: #248988

Loan Originator, President Jeff Karr
NMLS: #248561 – LO: #834

We speak hard money. Miami is our central location.

Miami Hard Money Lender Since 1988

Investment property hard money

After recent changes in mortgage and lending regulations, many Florida hard money lenders got shut down.  We didn't. We've helped individuals and corporations get Florida hard money loans since 1988 and we'll keep doing it long into the future.

Use our 20+ years of experience to help you get a hard money loan.  Our roots go deep as we've built strong relationships with our private lenders in Florida.  Our network of lenders in Florida are actively looking for mortgage loans.

Fast Closing.

They call us "Quick Action" for a reason.  We can close your Florida hard money loan in as little as 5 days.  No red tape, no run around.  If we can do it, we do it fast.  If we can't do it, we'll tell you upfront and not waste your valuable time.

Contact us today for your hard money needs and speak directly to the President, Jeff Karr.  Call (305) 232-7817 or use the e-mail form below.

Happy Borrowers.
Hard money florida lender, Quick Action Mortgage, has happy customers.

Hard money loans in Florida is our business.

"My parents left me money and I wanted to invest in real estate. Florida hard money lender Jeff helped me get the rest of the money I needed and I purchased my first investment property...  Only took 8 days."

Hard Money: Florida Areas

  • Hard Money in Miami-Dade County

  • Hard Money in Broward County

  • Hard Money in Monroe County

  • Hard Money in Palm Beach County

  • Hard Money in Martin County

  • Hard Money in Indian River County

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